Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

ASH has developed a high quality atmospheric dispersion corrector.

This sophisticated instrument will help to cope with atmospheric abberration which can negatively influence the quality of astronomical images. It eliminates color deviation caused by atmospheric distortion of the light rays. The ASH dispersion corrector will significantly improve the quality of (planetary) astronomical images.


This corrector contains two broadband antireflection coated wedge prisms, which can be rotated against each other. 

the principle of the ASH dispersion corrector

At 0° angle the effect is zero, and at 180° you have the maximum effect.


Production of Atmospheric Dispersion Correctors

adc in de maak


All parts of the ADC ready for assembling the prism-wedges

adc  op tafel


Suitable for 1.25" eyepieces. 
With filter thread at the lower end. 
Black anodized aluminium, stainless steel levers, brass setting screw.
Free optical aperture: 21.8mm

Fully multicoated; transmission > 99.5% from 410 - 700nm

Also available in uncoated version


Price: € 365,00
including VAT, excl. shipping costs



What is atmospheric dispersion
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Article Sky & Telescope

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