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Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC)


Bath Interferometer

ASH has constructed a dedicated Bath interferometer.


Build Your Own Observatory Dome


ASH has made a simple dome-design for the keen and handy individual or astronomyclub. The difficulty in making a normal dome, is obtaining the right globular form. This design is based on a wooden frame construction. The frame is covered with 3mm thick polycarbonfibre plates. All plates are bent in just one direction, resulting in nothing but a conic or cilindrical shape. The dome-diameter is 2675 mm, the slide-opening is 945 mm. All parts in this design are drawn into every detail and come accompanied by an extended partslist. Every amateur or professional handyman or carpenter with a reasonable equipped workshop, can make this dome. The most important tools are a circular saw and a ribbon-saw.

The complete package of drawings is for sale for just 750,-,

Flat black flocking paper

Besides good optics (eyepieces and telescope), the prevention of every internal reflection inside the telescope tube and focuser are of utmost importance to reach an optimal high contrast image.


The inside of many commercial instruments is not fully flat black. Especially the (central) baffles of many SCT telescopes suffer from this.


You can do something about this problem by covering the sides and baffles with flocking paper.


Flocking paper consists of a paper carrier. Glued on this surface are very small hairs. With this surface the reflection by striking light is greatly eliminated. Much better than with the many (flat black) paints currently used.

For sale:


high quality flocking paper.

Dimensions: 75 x 100 cm


Price: € 15,00 per sheet incl. VAT and excl. shipping




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