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Guidescope positioner - adjustable counterdovetail
For various customers adjustable counterdovetails have been developed.


The underlying thought behind this product is versatility. From one dovetail connection, a lot of combinations of instruments and OTAs are possible.


The base of this system is a counterdovetail on the declination axis. A dovetail is mounted underneath all telescopes, astrocameras and  lenses. So far, so good.


For two telescopes mounted side by side, or a telescopes and a camera, or two telelenses, there is an adapter available with two counterdovetails. Depending on the weight of the equipment, three versions are available.


For autoguiding many astrophotographers use a guide scope. This guide scope must be adjustable in two directions with respect to the imaging telescope. It is essential that there is no differential flexture and the whole assembly is very stiff. One of the two side by side mounts is fitted with an adjustable counterdovetail.

This counterdovetail is fitted with a standard dovetail. On the left side the main imaging instrument is mounted, eg. a camera with telelenses or a telescope with DSLR.


What makes this unit so special is that the right part is adjustable in both Right Ascension and Declination for eg. a guidescope.



With this unit the guidescope can always be aimed at a proper guidestar. Even small differences in the parallelism can be corrected for.


The versatility of the system enables many combinations.  Any instrument instrument can be, either permanently or temporarily, mounted on these universal dovetails.


On the picture to the left one can see an example of a Russentonne used as a guidescope next to the 127mm f/8 ASH High End Apochromat.

These adjustable counterdovetails are made in three sizes. This way there is a dovetail for every setup.


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