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Telescope Piers

A while ago ASH developed very handy telescope piers. The main characteristic is that a mount can be fitted very quickly to it and that is immediately polar aligned.

An anodised ground plate has been fitted to the top of the steel pier. This plate has been fitted with 2 dowel pins.

The mount itself has been fitted with an adapter with two holes in the bottom that fit exactly over the 2 dowel pins.

With two screws fitted with knobs the mount is secured to the baseplate.


Only the groundplate including the mount needs to be polar aligned.The groundplate is fixed to the adapter on the mount and everything is ready for observing. The adapter on the underside of the mount can also be disconnected so that the mount can be used without the pier on its original tripod.


The standard dimensions of the pier is 160 mm x 160 mm.

The pier is sandblasted and fitted with a hard powdercoating. 

When desired, the pier can be fitted with a plateau for accessories and wall sockets providing power at the pier.

The pier can remain outside. All parts are protected against rust.


Special versions can be made at wish, like a version on wheels or a version for disabled people.


Prices on demand.









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