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Atmospheric dispersion corrector ( ADC )
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Create your own personal ADC adapted to your specific setup.

male T2






The battle against atmospheric dispersion has been won!



ASH has developed a high quality atmospheric dispersion corrector. This sophisticated instrument will help to cope with atmospheric abberration which can negatively influence the quality of astronomical images. It eliminates color deviation caused by atmospheric distortion of the light rays. The ASH dispersion corrector will significantly improve the quality of (planetary) astronomical images.



The Helix 250 is an advanced instrument with large and complex optics. It has been developed for the (semi)-professional astrophographers. The almost distortion free, large image field makes it ideal for not only common astrophotography, but also for novae, comet and asteroid detection. Its unprecedented optics will provide stunning images with even the largest possible CCD and DSLR-chips.



These mounts have some minor problems that are relatively easy to solve. The first problem are the elevation adjustment screws. These screws are screwed in an aluminium casting housing. This is no problem when the adjustment is carried out only 1 time. But if the mount has to travel a lot these threads will wear out and as a cause of this the screws will start to turn more heavily until they get completely stuck.

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